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To use Web*Financials, you need an account with access to the Cabrini University's administrative computing system.

Web*Financials consists of two major components, Web*Finance and Web*Salary.

Regular email accounts are not used for administrative access. To qualify for access to Web*Financials, you must:

  1. Be a Budget Administrator or Designee.
  2. Complete a Web*Financials Request Form for your existing cost center numbers.
    1. Web*Finance Request Form
    2. Web*Salary Request Form
  3. Submit your requests for Web*Financials to the Controller in the Business Office.
  4. WebFinance and WebSalary User Guide and Instructions.
    1. Web*Finance User Instructions
    2. Web*Finance User Guide
    3. Web*Salary User Instructions
    4. Web*Salary User Guide

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Web*Financials is NOT available Sunday mornings from 2am to 6am for backups.
Sundays from 6am to Noon is reserved for software and hardware maintenance.
If no maintenance is scheduled, Banner will be available. If maintenance is scheduled, an announcement will be made by end-of-day of the preceding Wednesday.
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